Dominance Continues: APR FC Clinch Fifth Consecutive Primus National League Title

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APR FC wins fifth consecutive league title.
Unbeaten streak throughout season.
Hard-fought draw against Amagaju.
Shaiboub’s impact in second half crucial.

APR FC showcased their indomitable spirit once again as they clinched their fifth consecutive Primus National League title in a hard-fought encounter against Amagaju. The match, held at the vibrant Kigali Pele Stadium on Sunday, May 12, ended in a 1-1 draw, sealing APR’s unbeaten streak throughout the season.

Unrivaled Performance
With an impressive tally of 68 points, APR FC demonstrated their supremacy in Rwandan football, going undefeated in all 30 league games. This remarkable achievement, marking their second unbeaten campaign in the league, underscores the team’s consistency and resilience on the field.

The Intense Clash
The atmosphere at the Kigali Pele Stadium was electrifying, with fans packing every corner to witness the showdown between APR FC and Amagaju. Despite the game holding no significance for APR’s league position, both teams displayed unwavering determination throughout the match.

Early Challenges
Amagaju FC initiated the game with fervor, spearheaded by Emmanuel Tuyishime and Seth Nkurunziza, who relentlessly pushed into APR’s territory. However, APR’s strategic deployment of Thierry Froger’s tactical acumen, positioning Ismail Nshimirimana to fortify the midfield, thwarted Amagaju’s early advances.

A Spirited Fightback
After conceding a goal to Iptihaji Bizimana in the 29th minute, APR faced an uphill battle to level the score. Despite missed opportunities by Alain Bacca Kwitonda and Victor Mbaoma, APR persisted, fueled by the halftime entertainment provided by musician Chris Eazy, amplifying the championship celebrations among the fans.

Resilient Comeback
The second half saw Amagaju continuing their offensive prowess, with Abdul Rahman Rukundo’s near miss keeping APR’s defense on edge. However, APR seized the moment as Fitina Omborenga equalized in the 58th minute, igniting a renewed vigor in the team’s pursuit of victory.

Tactical Adjustments
Froger’s tactical substitution of Ramadhan Niyibizi for Sharaf Shaiboub injected urgency into APR’s gameplay. Shaiboub’s dynamic approach and creative flair revitalized APR’s midfield, intensifying the pressure on Amagaju.

Nail-biting Moments
As the game progressed, both teams fought fiercely for dominance. Patient Ndikuriyo’s remarkable saves for Amagaju thwarted APR’s attempts, while Shaiboub’s header in the dying minutes narrowly missed the target, ensuring a tense finish to the match.
With the final whistle signaling the end of the game, APR FC celebrated their fifth consecutive Primus National League title in style. Their unbeaten run echoes their previous triumph in the 2021/22 season under Tunisian coach Adil Mohammed Erradi, solidifying their status as Rwandan football giants.

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