BetPawa Partners with Veterans Club World Championship: A New Era for African Sports

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BetPawa partners with VCWC for three years.
Partnership enhances sports and business engagement in Africa.
Event to feature football legends in Kigali.
Promotion extends to Uganda and Tanzania.

A Strategic Partnership
Online sports betting giant BetPawa has announced a strategic three-year partnership with the Veterans Club World Championship (VCWC), extending through 2027. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape of veteran football and sports betting in Africa, creating mutual benefits and expanding the reach of both entities.

Enhancing Sports Engagement in Africa
The partnership, signed on Friday, highlights BetPawa’s commitment to fostering closer ties with the sports community across the continent. Ntoudi Mouyelo, Chief Commercial Officer of BetPawa Group, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. “This partnership is unique for us because one of BetPawa’s missions is to work closely with the sports industry in Africa,” Mouyelo told Times Sport.

By supporting the VCWC, BetPawa aligns itself with a major international event that brings together over 150 global football legends. This event is second only to the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in its significance for African football.

Bringing Football Legends to Kigali
With BetPawa’s headquarters located in Kigali, the partnership is particularly significant. “It is prudent we attach our name to the Veteran Clubs World Championship,” Mouyelo said. Hosting the VCWC in Kigali not only boosts the city’s profile but also reinforces BetPawa’s presence in the region.

Multifaceted Benefits of the VCWC
The VCWC is more than just a football tournament. It serves as a platform for business, education, and innovation discussions. Mouyelo noted, “The overall impression about the VCWC event is positive. It goes beyond football; this event is also about business, with forums discussing key issues such as peace, education, tourism, and innovation.”

BetPawa’s extensive market reach, covering 12 African countries and boasting millions of followers, positions it perfectly to amplify the impact of the VCWC. This partnership is seen as an ideal fit, leveraging BetPawa’s brand to enhance the event’s visibility and influence.

A Vision for Success
VCWC founder Fred Siewe expressed confidence in the partnership, recognizing BetPawa’s solid brand and its potential to help achieve the championship’s objectives. “The partnership with BetPawa is key. They also educate the masses, and the legends can be used for that through the company’s platforms,” Siewe said.

Expanding the Event’s Reach
The collaboration includes plans to promote the VCWC beyond Rwanda. BetPawa and VCWC will send football legends to neighboring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania in July to raise awareness about the upcoming competition. This outreach aims to build anticipation and excitement for the event, scheduled to take place from September 1-10 in Kigali.

Celebrating Football Legends
The VCWC is a celebration of football legends who have retired from professional play. The event will feature renowned players such as Ronaldinho, George Weah, Michael Owen, Philip Lahm, and Patrice Evra, among others. Their participation underscores the championship’s prestige and its potential to draw global attention to African football.

The partnership between BetPawa and the VCWC marks a significant milestone for both organizations. By joining forces, they are set to create a lasting impact on the sports and business communities in Africa. This collaboration not only enhances the profile of veteran football but also underscores the importance of integrating sports with broader societal goals.

About VCWC

VCWC unites over 150 global football legends for a prestigious event.
The event combines football with business, education, and innovation discussions.
VCWC will be held in Kigali from September 1-10.
Football legends like Ronaldinho and

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