Rwanda’s U18 Basketball Teams Gear Up for FIBA Zone V Championships

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Rwanda’s U18 teams prepare for FIBA Zone V Championships.
Training camp held at Cenetra Hotel and STECOL.
Ten countries competing for Afrobasket 2024 qualification.
Rwanda aims for strong performance and international exposure.

Intensive Preparation for a Prestigious Tournament
Rwanda’s U18 basketball teams, both boys and girls, have commenced an intensive residential training camp in preparation for the upcoming FIBA Zone V Championships. The event, scheduled to take place from June 9-14 in Kampala, Uganda, promises to be a significant milestone in the teams’ journey towards the U18 Afrobasket Championship 2024.

Training Camp Details
The teams are currently stationed at Cenetra Hotel, providing a conducive environment for focus and team bonding. Daily training sessions are held at STECOL, where the athletes undergo rigorous drills and strategic training to hone their skills and enhance team cohesion. The boys’ team is under the experienced guidance of coach Yves Murenzi, while the girls’ team is being shaped by coach Jacques Bahige. Both coaches bring a wealth of experience and tactical knowledge, crucial for the teams’ success at the upcoming championships.

Competitive Field
The FIBA Zone V Championships will feature teams from ten countries: Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Eritrea, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Sudan. This broad participation underscores the competitive nature of the tournament, with each team vying for the coveted spot at the U18 Afrobasket Championship 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The winners of the boys’ and girls’ categories will earn direct qualification, making the stakes exceptionally high.

Rwanda’s Historic Participation
This year’s championship marks Rwanda’s fourth appearance in the FIBA U18 African Championship. Rwanda previously participated in the tournaments held in Madagascar in 2014 and Rwanda in 2016. These past experiences have provided valuable lessons and have helped to build a solid foundation for the current teams. The country’s basketball federation is leveraging this historical context to motivate and prepare the young athletes for the challenges ahead.

Building on Past Experiences
Rwanda’s past participations have highlighted both the potential and areas for improvement within the teams. The current training camp is designed not just to prepare the players physically but also to instill a sense of strategic awareness and mental toughness. By analyzing past performances, the coaching staff can tailor their training programs to address weaknesses and build on strengths, ensuring the teams are well-rounded and competitive.

The Road to Johannesburg
Securing a spot at the U18 Afrobasket Championship in Johannesburg would be a significant achievement for Rwanda. It would not only showcase the progress of the country’s basketball programs but also provide the young athletes with invaluable international exposure. Competing at such a high level would enhance their skills and confidence, contributing to the overall development of basketball in Rwanda.

Community and National Support
The preparations for the FIBA Zone V Championships have garnered significant support from the local community and national sports bodies. This backing is crucial as it provides the teams with the necessary resources and moral support. The involvement of the community also helps to raise the profile of basketball in Rwanda, encouraging more young people to take up the sport and strive for excellence.

Rwanda’s U18 basketball teams are on an exciting journey as they prepare for the FIBA Zone V Championships in Kampala. With dedicated training, experienced coaching, and robust support from the community, the teams are poised to make a strong showing.

About the Preparations

The teams are training daily at STECOL, focusing on skill enhancement and strategic drills.
Coaches Yves Murenzi and Jacques Bahige lead the boys’ and girls’ teams, respectively, providing expert guidance.
The residential camp at Cenetra Hotel offers a focused environment, promoting team bonding and mental preparation.

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