Cheetahs and Lions Face Off in Rugby Super Series Final

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Cheetahs seek historic third Rugby Super Series title.
Lions aim to end 16-year title drought.
Key players: Onsomu, Ongo for Cheetahs; Kuke, Amunga for Lions.
Thrilling final set for Saturday at RFUEA Ground.

After a decade-long break, the Rugby Super Series has returned, reinvigorating the passion and competitive spirit among fans and players alike. This Saturday, the grand finale will see the Menengai Cream Cheetahs and the KCB Bank Lions clash at Nairobi’s RFUEA Ground, a matchup that is as much about legacy as it is about redemption.

The Cheetahs: Chasing a Historic Third Title
The Menengai Cream Cheetahs, victors in 2004 and 2006, are on the brink of history. A win on Saturday would make them only the second team to clinch three Rugby Super Series titles, a feat currently held solely by the Rhinos. The Cheetahs’ journey this season has been marked by resilience and strategic brilliance, reminiscent of their dramatic 2006 final where they overturned a 22-3 halftime deficit to defeat the Lions 32-25.

Key Figures for the Cheetahs
Central to the Cheetahs’ campaign has been their dynamic scrumhalf, Samson Onsomu. His performance has been pivotal, combining technical skill with tactical intelligence. Onsomu’s ability to adapt and lead has been a cornerstone of the Cheetahs’ success this season. Head Coach Lawrence Buyachi will once again lean on his experience and leadership to steer the team to victory.

Another vital player is Quinto Ongo, whose precision in goal-kicking has turned the tide in crucial matches. His reliability under pressure was evident in their tight 18-16 win over the Lions earlier in the season, as well as in their victory against the Buffaloes.

The Lions: A Quest for Redemption
The KCB Bank Lions, champions in 2008, are eager to end their title drought and reestablish themselves as a dominant force. This season has been a mix of commanding performances and learning moments, setting the stage for a potential return to glory.

Key Figures for the Lions
Obat Kuke has emerged as a standout player for the Lions. His robust physicality, sharp mental game, and technical finesse have made him indispensable. Whether executing a crucial defensive maneuver or spearheading an offensive drive, Kuke’s contributions have been critical.

Levi Amunga has also played a crucial role with his impeccable kicking accuracy. His flawless performance in their 20-5 victory over the Kabras Sugar Buffaloes, where he nailed five penalties, demonstrated his capacity to influence the game significantly. Amunga’s strategic acumen and decision-making will be crucial as the Lions aim for the title.

Third Place Playoff
Preceding the grand finale, the Faiba Mobile Rhinos will face the Kabras Sugar Buffaloes in a contest for third place, kicking off at 2:00 PM. Both teams will be eager to conclude their campaigns on a positive note, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day’s events.

Anticipation and Expectations
As the final approaches, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. The Rugby Super Series has rekindled old rivalries and introduced new stars, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion. The Menengai Cream Cheetahs, with their eyes on a historic third title, and the KCB Bank Lions, driven by a quest for redemption, promise to deliver a match that will be remembered for years to come.

Fans can expect a high-octane encounter where every pass, tackle, and kick will count.

Players to watch

Samson Onsomu: Dynamic scrumhalf and pivotal leader for the Cheetahs.
Quinto Ongo: Reliable goal-kicker, crucial in tight matches for the Cheetahs.
Obat Kuke: Strong, versatile backrow, key defensive and offensive player for the Lions.
Levi Amunga: Accurate kicker, strategic lynchpin, vital in steering the Lions’ gameplay.
Lawrence Buyachi: Experienced head coach, guiding the Cheetahs with tactical acumen and leadership.

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