Week 29 ; Drama, Upsets, and Standout Performances in the 2023/24 Primus National League

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  • Sulley lifts Etoile; relegation battle intense.
  • Sebwato scores; Mukura Victory Sport shines.
  • Gorilla FC misses chances; APR capitalizes.
  • Bbaale sparks Rayon; Ishimwe impresses for APR.

The 2023/24 Primus National League witnessed a thrilling Week 29 with captivating matchups and surprising outcomes. Across the league centers, 21 goals were scored, showcasing the intense competition. Let’s delve into the insights, standout moments, and notable results from the weekend action.

Etoile de l’Est’s Resurgence Led by Sadick Sulley

Since his transfer to Etoile de l’Est, Sadick Sulley’s impact was felt profoundly in a crucial encounter against Police. With two remarkable goals, including a late winner, Sulley propelled Etoile above the relegation zone for the first time in the second round. The striker’s performance underscores the team’s fight for survival as they aim to maintain their top-flight status.

 Nicholas Sebwato’s Goal-scoring Prowess for Mukura Victory Sport

Mukura Victory Sport’s goalkeeper, Nicholas Sebwato, continued to showcase his versatility by scoring crucial goals for his team. Following his late equalizer in the previous fixture, Sebwato displayed brilliance once again with a superb free-kick goal, highlighting his ability to contribute offensively and rescue his team in challenging situations.

Gorilla FC’s Missed Opportunities

Despite facing the league champions, Gorilla FC squandered several scoring chances, including a missed penalty, against APR. The inability to capitalize on opportunities proved costly as APR capitalized on defensive lapses to secure a victory. With relegation looming, Gorilla FC must rectify their inefficiencies to avoid a potential downfall.

Bbaale’s Impactful Performance for Rayon

Ugandan striker Bbaale showcased his potential with a standout performance for Rayon against AS Kigali. Despite a relatively average season, Bbaale’s two sublime goals propelled his team to a comeback victory. His display of brilliance hints at his capability to become a pivotal player for Rayon in the upcoming seasons.

Pierre Ishimwe’s Promising Display for APR

In a notable debut in the league, Pierre Ishimwe demonstrated his goalkeeping prowess for APR. Despite facing formidable opponents, Ishimwe showcased resilience by saving a penalty and making crucial saves to secure a clean sheet. At 22, Ishimwe’s development potential is evident, making a loan move conducive for further growth and regular playing time.

Week 29 of the 2023/24 Primus National League offered a spectacle of football with standout performances, unexpected results, and crucial insights. 

Key moments in Matchday 29

  • Sadick Sulley’s 93rd-minute winner seals Etoile de l’Est’s 2-1 triumph over Police, lifting them above the relegation zone.
  • Nicholas Sebwato’s stunning free-kick goal gives Mukura VS a crucial lead in their 2-1 victory, highlighting his versatility as a goalkeeper with two goals in two games.
  • Gorilla FC’s missed penalty and squandered six clear chances prove costly as APR capitalize with a 2-0 win, intensifying Gorilla FC’s relegation worries.

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