Indatwa Hampshire, Charity Cricket Club Secure Finals Spot in RCA women’s T20 league

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Indatwa Hampshire and Charity CC dominate women’s T20 league.
Hampshire’s unbeaten run; Charity’s resilient journey to finals.
Semifinal victories showcase strong performances and bowling prowess.
Exciting final showdown anticipated; reporters ready with updates.

Indatwa Hampshire’s Unyielding Reign
In the pulsating semifinal clash against Muhanga Zebras, defending champions Indatwa Hampshire showcased their unwavering dominance, securing a spot in the finals with a commanding 39-run victory. Building on their previous triumphs, Indatwa Hampshire’s journey in the RCA women’s T20 league has been marked by an impeccable unbeaten record and notable victories. They emerged victorious with a 28-run win against Muhanga Zebras and a comprehensive 7-wicket triumph over Gahanga Queens in the group stage. Led by seasoned performers like Gisele Ishimwe and Flora Irakoze, Indatwa Hampshire’s formidable performance sets the stage for an intense final showdown.

Charity Cricket Club’s Resilience
Meanwhile, Charity Cricket Club displayed resilience in their journey to the finals. Overcoming challenges, they secured their place in the finals with a convincing 9-wicket win over Gahanga Queens in the semifinals. Throughout the tournament, Charity Cricket Club has exhibited determination, bouncing back from setbacks and showcasing their mettle on the field. Their campaign commenced with a convincing 7-wicket win against Sorathwe Cricket Club, setting the tone for their resilient performance. Despite facing tough competition, they secured their spot in the semifinals with a crucial 6-wicket victory over Muhanga Zebras, highlighting their ability to overcome adversity.

Semifinal Showdowns
In the high-stakes semifinal clash between Indatwa Hampshire and Muhanga Zebras, the former set a formidable total of 106/8 in 20 overs. Notable contributions from Gisele Ishimwe (38 off 39) and Flora Irakoze (18 off 25) propelled Indatwa Hampshire to a commanding position. Umutoni Chanceline led the bowling attack with four wickets, restricting Muhanga Zebras to 67 all out. On the other hand, Charity Cricket Club showcased a strong bowling performance in their semifinal clash against Gahanga Queens, limiting them to 93 runs. The batting prowess of Ugandan wicketkeeper-batsman Kevin Awino, along with support from Diane Marie Bimenyimana and Janet Mbabazi, guided Charity Cricket Club to victory.

Anticipated Final Showdown
As the RCA women’s T20 league approaches its climax, the final match between Indatwa Hampshire and Charity Cricket Club promises to be an exhilarating showdown. Both teams are poised to give their best for the coveted title, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter.


Gisele Ishimwe: Scored 38 runs off 39 balls; pivotal in Indatwa Hampshire’s semifinal victory.
Flora Irakoze: Contributed 18 runs off 25 balls; bolstered Hampshire’s formidable total.
Umutoni Chanceline: Led bowling attack with 4 wickets, restricting Muhanga Zebras to 67 runs.
Kevin Awino: Notched a solid 27 runs off 36 balls for Charity Cricket Club.
Diane Marie Bimenyimana: Scored 35 runs, supporting Charity’s chase in semifinals.
Janet Mbabazi: Added 20 runs, aiding Charity CC’s semifinal victory pursuit.

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