Springbok Women’s Triumph On and Off the Field

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Springbok Women win Africa, qualify for World Cup.
Team visits Betikara Orphanage in Madagascar.
Players donate money, clothing, and essentials.
Emotional visit, especially for flyhalf Mary Zulu.

The Springbok Women’s recent return from Madagascar was marked not only by their success on the rugby field but also by their impactful off-field activities.

Rugby Success

South Africa successfully defended their title as champions of Africa, earning them qualification for the Rugby World Cup in England next year. Additionally, they secured a spot at the WXV 2 tournament, to be hosted in Cape Town later this year. This achievement highlighted the team’s prowess and dedication, solidifying their status in international rugby.

Making a Difference in Madagascar

The trip to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, was about more than just rugby. The team made a significant social impact by visiting the local Betikara Orphanage. During their busy schedule, the players delivered essential products and spent quality time with the children. This visit was driven by a collective desire among the players to give back to the community.

Player Initiative
Experienced hooker Lindelwa Gwala explained the team’s motivation: “The daily trips between our hotel and the training field reminded us how fortunate we are. The feeling among the players to help those in clear need was spontaneous.” Gwala described how individual players felt compelled to contribute, leading to a team effort to support the orphanage.

Gwala took the initiative to search for a nearby orphanage and coordinated with the local liaison officer for a visit to Betikara. The players pooled their money to buy daily necessities and donated clothing, demonstrating their commitment to making a tangible difference.

Emotional Impact
The visit was particularly poignant for Bok Women flyhalf Mary Zulu, who grew up in the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard orphanage in Mandini, KwaZulu-Natal. “It was very emotional for me but also very uplifting,” Zulu shared. “Our visit meant so much to the children. I could identify with their experiences, and it sparked conversations among my teammates about my background.” The team left the orphanage feeling humbled and fulfilled, knowing they had made a positive impact on the children’s lives.

Gratitude and Recognition

Mr. Barry Rosie, a patron of Betikara, expressed his gratitude in a heartfelt letter: “We thank you for considering our orphanage as the recipient of your heartfelt gifts.” He praised the team for their visit and wished them a successful season and safe travels. The orphanage also posted a congratulatory note on their Facebook page following the team’s final match victory against Madagascar.

The Springbok Women’s trip to Madagascar showcased their excellence in rugby and their commitment to social responsibility. By reaching out to the local community and making a tangible difference, they demonstrated the true spirit of sportsmanship and compassion. Their efforts both on and off the field have left a lasting impact, inspiring many and reinforcing the values of unity and generosity.

About the team

The Springbok Women’s team recently defended their title as champions of Africa, showcasing their dominance in rugby.

Their victory in Madagascar secured them a place in the Rugby World Cup in England next year.

The team also qualified for the prestigious WXV 2 tournament, to be held in Cape Town.

During their stay in Madagascar, the players made a significant impact by visiting the Betikara Orphanage.

They donated money, clothing, and essential items to the orphanage, showing their commitment to community service.

The visit was especially meaningful for flyhalf Mary Zulu, who grew up in a similar orphanage environment.

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