Explosive Developments Rock Kenya’s Anti-Doping Efforts

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– ADAK warns of more athlete sanctions.

– 33 athletes sanctioned, including track stars.

– Largest sanction in Kenya’s anti-doping history.

Get ready for another wave of revelations in the ongoing battle against doping, as the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) issues a cautionary statement. According to ADAK, additional athletes could soon face sanctions.

In a recent development, ADAK announced sanctions against 33 athletes, including track and road athletes, as well as rugby and basketball players. This marks the largest number of individuals sanctioned in the history of Kenya’s anti-doping efforts.

ADAK head of legal services Bildad Rogoncho said several cases of anti-doping rules violation were being handled and that the number of sanctions could rise as soon as the cases are concluded.

“I don’t foresee the positive tests going down in the coming days because we are implementing the enhanced anti-doping programme. We have been testing 1,000 samples a year and we are now doing at least 4,000 samples annually. The numbers are bound to go up,” Rogoncho said

Increased funding in the enhanced anti-doping campaign has helped the agency to gather more intelligence on suspected cheats, the legal officer said.

He added that ADAK is predominantly testing all athletes, shifting away from the traditional targeted testing.

“We have a new trend which is resulting from mass testing and intelligence. Many athletes are running away when they get wind that anti-doping control officers are coming but we are now charging them with evasion,” said Rogoncho.

Late last month, the anti-doping agency said an enhanced testing campaign aimed at nabbing cheats was underway.

Clean Team

Kenya will take a very clean team to the  Paris 2024 Olympics. This was the message sent by the Kenya Enhanced Anti-Doping Project Joint Working Group in Naivasha.

The team, consisting of the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (Adak), the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), Athletics Kenya (AK) and the Sports Ministry were in Naivasha to review the progress made by the country on the Multi -Agency Collaboration Program that was set up by the government a while ago following doping threats on the country by the World Athletics.

Areas Reviewed

The areas reviewed by the team at the two-day workshop that ended on Friday included education, testing, sports regulations, corporate communication, medical, finance, intelligence, investigation and legal.

“From the support and findings made from this report, we want to confidently say we will not only send the best athletes to  Paris, but the cleanest ones,” Kenya Enhanced Anti-Doping Project Joint Working Group Steering Committee Chairman Wesley Korir said.

“We are now testing the athletes as many times as possible, and through the intelligence network, we will ensure those tested are not doing anything malicious behind closed doors,” Korir said.

So far, 67 athletes have qualified for the  Paris Olympics and AK is hopeful that many more will make it to the Summer Games, especially on the fringe sports.

“Qualification for Olympics ends on June 30 and we are encouraging those who have not yet punched tickets to the championships to continue working hard,” said AK Chairman Jackson Tuwei.

Athletes Reached Out

Adak’s Director Compliance and Testing, Peninah Wahome said that the anti-doping body has so far reached over 1500 athletes in the race for the  Paris Olympics.

She said the athletes have met the anti-doping requirements but will still need two more testing rounds before they board the plane to  Paris.

“We are glad that we have reached a bigger number than the previous Olympics in terms of anti-doping requirements.

“This is an assurance to the country that those participants going for the Olympics and it’s qualifiers are well taken care of in terms of testing,” Wahome said.

The in Naivasha has been praised by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and the AIU who said that it’s a step in the right direction for Kenya.

“As Wada, we have great interest in Kenya as the country is a pace setter for the African continent at the Olympics, moreso where athletics is concerned.

“We are here to observe the progress of the Multi-Agency Collaboration team, we want to see sustainability on the project, we are grateful to the Kenyan Government that has ensured the program is well supported,” Wada Africa Director, Rodney Swigelaar, said.

AIU Chief Executive Officer Brett Clothier said they are glad to be part of the Multi-Agency Collaboration Program team that is reviewing the progress.

He thanked the Kenyan Government for pumping in USD 5 million into the five year program meant to enhance anti-doping frame work in Kenya.

“From my findings, I can say Kenya is on the right path in this anti doping war.

“As AIU, we are very pleased with the ongoing project and the progress made, even though there is still lots of kilometer distance to be covered on the race,” Clothier said.

Kenya Enhanced Anti-Doping Project Joint Working Groups

1.Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya

2 Athletics Integrity Unit

3.Athletics Kenya

4 Sports Ministry

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